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As the world advances in science and medicine, companies like Merit Medical Systems, Inc. are at the forefront of innovation, developing proprietary disposable medical devices that revolutionize healthcare as we know it. But despite being a major player in this field, Merit Medical Systems’ recent SEC filing reveals that Strs Ohio has reduced its stake in the company by 16.3% during the fourth quarter of 2022.

This comes as a surprise to many investors who have seen Merit Medical Systems’ stock steadily increase over the past year. At the end of the most recent reporting period, Strs Ohio’s holdings in Merit Medical Systems were worth $1,306,000 after selling 3,600 shares during the period.

Merit Medical Systems is divided into two segments: Cardiovascular and Endoscopy. The Cardiovascular segment consists of peripheral intervention, cardiac intervention, interventional oncology and spine, and cardiovascular and critical care product groups – all areas where significant technological advancements are currently being made.

Despite this setback in shareholding from Strs Ohio, Merit Medical Systems remains one of the key players in this rapidly evolving market with a market cap of $4.44 billion as of April 14th 2023.

Attributes like a PEG ratio of 2.41 help to further solidify Merit Medical Systems’ hold on this industry despite increased competition from other leaders within their sector. With over fifty patents filed for innovative solutions to complex problems within healthcare settings already under their belt – it’s clear that Merit Medical System’s engineers are not slowing down anytime soon.

While anything may happen in the short or long-term future with MMSI shares or any other financial instrument for that matter – what is clear however is just how much potential that these innovative medical technologies hold for changing our lives forever.

Changes in Stakeholder Positions at Merit Medical Systems and Current Investment Outlook

Merit Medical Systems, a leading producer of disposable medical devices, has recently seen changes to its stakeholder positions. Dupont Capital Management Corp and Xponance Inc. have both acquired new stakes in the company, with Dupont purchasing a $595,000 stake and Xponance investing around $250,000. Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC has also increased its holdings by 82.1%, now owning roughly 95,561 shares worth $6.7 million in total after acquiring an additional 43,097 shares. Meanwhile, Maryland State Retirement & Pension System has invested approximately $1.6 million while Ronald Blue Trust Inc., saw their stake in the company increase by 157.4% in Q4 of last year.

Despite some concerns of saturation due to high institutional ownership of Merit Medical Systems at 95.38%, the stock has been given favorable ratings by multiple brokerages over recent months with calls for continued value appreciation. reports that analysts currently rate the company as a “Moderate Buy” with an average price target of $76.33.

The firm’s latest earnings report released in February showed earnings per share (EPS) of $0.79 for Q4-2022 which surpassed analysts’ previous forecasts, reaching a figure of $0.67 EPS instead – this is positive news for investors who were expecting lower results under present market conditions.

However, some notable insider selling activity recently occurred when CEO Fred P. Lampropoulos sold over 1k shares totaling more than $104k during March alone – leading concerned insiders and industry experts to question his motives and long-term position within such a prestigious organization.

Overall merit medical systems remains a solid investment opportunity for savvy buyers looking at solid performance ratios from current operations coupled with multiple positives scenario matrices expected from future market trends across sectors relevant to merits innovative product suites are well regarded internationally among major healthcare companies; there are no signs yet indicating an urgent need for investors to sever ties based on these recent developments.


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