eSight4 low vision augmented reality glasses – On order

Discover eSight 4, the most advanced and versatile low-vision augmented reality glasses to improve vision for the visually impaired.


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Whether at school, work, home or play, esight4 opens up new possibilities for visually impaired people. Find out how eSight works, its thoughtful features and its benefits that revolutionize everyday life.


Based on eSight technology, clinically validated and used daily by thousands of people with severe eye conditions resulting in visual acuity ranging from 4/10 to 1/40, eSight 4 takes vision improvement to the next level. Benefit from the best visual acuity, ease of use and unmatched mobility.


eSight4 allows even more visually impaired people to achieve 10/10 vision. Perfectly matched camera and lens technology projects a superior image onto 2 high-resolution screens (one per eye) for full binocular vision. Advanced sensors, proprietary algorithms and powerful processing provide the brain with the highest quality visual information. Adjustable pupil distance and screen ensure perfect vision. The result? Dramatically improved vision, whether you’re looking at close-up or at a distance.

Best camera for maximum visual acuity.
Powerful sensors, auto-focus and more provide a crystal clear binocular view in real time.
Easy-to-use vision controls like 24X zoom, focus and contrast.
Can be worn over eyeglasses.

Move freely throughout the day for indoor and outdoor activities.

Wireless and hands-free, with integrated touch controls.
Patented bioptic tilt integrates peripheral vision and provides easy access to full natural vision.
The magnetic interchangeable battery is rechargeable and can be changed in seconds.
Halo band with rear battery provides even weight distribution and all-day comfort.

On your mark, get set, wear! Built-in help features, eSupport and shared accounts.

Provides immediate enhanced vision.
Built-in headset controls and remote control provide all key functionality.
Allow your loved ones to remotely see what you see and customize your experience.
Cloud-based device provides users with automatic updates.
Ready to do more? Apple and Android mobile apps offer advanced options such as photo sharing, eCast and eMirror.

eSight 4’s slim, lightweight design lets you wear it for hours at a time.

The adjustable comfort band is lined with a skin-friendly inner lining.
The single battery in the back perfectly balances the weight for continuous use.
Wear over eyeglasses for optimal vision.

Advanced features are at your fingertips.

See the small details with Freeze, Record and 24X Zoom.
Adjust color and contrast settings.
Switch between TV, playback, indoor, outdoor and custom view modes.
Select controls for headphones, wireless remote, and Apple and Android apps.

Share moments and enhance your viewing experience.

Take photos and videos and, if you like, share them with your smartphone.
Watch movies on your phone or TV directly on your eSight.
View and control your phone or computer screen directly on your eSight.


Binocular OLED color display that adapts to corrective lenses.
Accelerometers, gyroscope, infrared rangefinder and temperature sensor.
18 MP camera with high-acuity liquid autofocus lens and 24x zoom.
Integrated advanced web and smartphone user interface with Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and HDMI.

Ergonomic visor with adjustable temples to fit eyeglasses.
Patented Bioptic Tilt technology adjustable from +45° to -10°.
Adjustable comfort headband fits children and adults safely.
2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, each with 3 hours of continuous use.
256 GB of storage.
3 built-in speakers.
Built-in flashlight.

System acuity > 10/10.
2 independent 1280X960 high resolution OLED color displays.
18 MP camera for exceptional sharpness.
Advanced autofocus, image stabilization and software customization options.
Adjustable pupil distance and screen-to-eye distance.
37.5 degree diagonal field of view.

Touchpad and menu controls built into the headband.
Wireless remote control and remote web account controls.
Android® and Apple® apps.
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity.
eCast and eMirror with eSight mobile apps.
eSupport and shared accounts.
Automatic software updates available in the cloud.



From macular degeneration to Stargardt’s disease to ocular albinism, eSight 4 is used by many people living with different types of vision impairments. Find out how eSight 4 helps common vision problems:

Macular Degeneration: eSight greatly magnifies what’s in front of you, enough to provide enough stimulus to allow you to see much more clearly, while reducing eye strain. eSight users with macular degeneration report being able to see their loved ones or watch sports on the sidelines.
Stargardt’s disease: eSight brings the image closer to what you are looking at, which stimulates the eye enough to see with more clarity and detail. Users of eSight with Stargardt’s disease say they can see the faces of their loved ones or simply live their daily lives more easily.
Retinopathy of prematurity: eSight’s ability to magnify and various lighting features help you improve far distance and adapt to environments with different lighting conditions. Users with retinopathy of prematurity say they are able to better see road signs, presentations and distinguish faces in large groups of people.
Ocular Albinism: eSight has a high success rate for people with ocular albinism. Advanced algorithms allow you to see with more detail and less pressure on your eye, and close-up images help with nystagmus. eSight has luminance and contrast settings to help with light sensitivity. Our users report being able to be outside on a sunny day without pain, watching movies or using the computer.
Optic Nerve Hypoplasia: eSight’s ability to amplify what is in front of you makes it particularly well suited for optic nerve hypoplasia. The ability to adjust brightness and contrast on the headset can also contribute significantly to light sensitivity.
Cone-Rod Dystrophy: eSight allows you to adjust the brightness and luminance of the display, which can improve light sensitivity. Adjusting the contrast can also help you distinguish between shades and improve night vision.
Diabetic Retinopathy: eSight brings the image closer to what’s in front of you, allowing you to see more detail with less eye strain. The higher contrast can also help eliminate some blind spots, also known as floaters.
Glaucoma: eSight tends to work better with open angle glaucoma. The advanced algorithms contain color features to help reduce your contrast. Since each individual eye condition is unique, we recommend you try eSight to see if it works for you.
Retinal detachment: eSight’s ability to magnify can often allow people with retinal detachment to see more clearly and with more detail and eliminate blind spots or floaters. Success with retinal detachment varies, so we recommend testing the device to see if it will work for you.
Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP): eSight works best with reverse retinitis pigmentosa because the device relies on your peripheral vision. Because each individual eye condition is unique, we recommend testing the device to confirm if it will work for you.
Optical Atrophy: eSight magnifies what is in front of you, allowing you to see with more clarity and detail and with less strain on your eyes. eSight can also brighten and make colors more vivid. Users report being able to see details in the faces of their loved ones and feel more confident.
Over 20 eye conditions: eSight has helped over 20 additional eye conditions related to keratoconus, optic neuropathy, macular dystrophy and more. Since each individual eye condition is unique, we recommend that you contact one of our consultants to see if eSight might be right for you.

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